Friday Records (2014- 2016)

Friday Records live art event by Lena Šimić with/out James was developed for Dublin Live Art Festival 2016 during the eight Fridays in the period between 24 June and 12 August 2016. The piece was performed at MART Gallery and consisted of pre-recorded diary entires, video film and photographs. During the performance the diary writing was soaked in salty water and destroyed – it was left hanging on stage on the washing line.

IMG_6334.jpgfriday records dublin 1.jpgThis text is from the promotional material for the event:

This is a durational writing event.
This is about maternal time.
This is the summer of 2016, post Brexit.
This is about eight Fridays: 24 June, 1 July, 8 July, 15 July, 22 July, 29 July, 05 August, 12 August, with/out James.

DSC00768.jpgThis is an exercise in Friday writing, an exercise in letting go, a record of eight Fridays with James, who is two and a half, James, who is an unreasonable toddler, Lena, who is fighting with amplified noise in her head, insistence, never-ending, relentless, Lena, who is fighting for some writing time, in between interruptions, intense bouts of love and kissing, squeezing, tantrums, hugs, screaming, demanding, hopping, shouting, let go, let go, enough, enough.

Friday 17 June 2016.jpg

Friday Records, live art event by Lena Šimić with/out James, is loosely connected to Friday Records: A Document of Maternity Leave (2014) blog.

Friday Records: A Document of Maternity Leave (2014)

Records of my time with James Benjamin, my Friday child.
This is an ongoing arts project: text comprised of diary entries, audio and photographs by Lena Simic, artist/mother.

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