Three Sisters: The End of the Project

Three Sisters: The End of the Project is a collaborative project between Lena Simic and James Marriott. The work is an experiment in the medium of online theatre aimed at audiences at home. Following the rehearsed reading for an invited audience in November 2020, we are currently developing the work for online public performance.

Three Sisters: The End of the Project is an exploration of the emotional landscape of a world in which living with the severe dislocations as a result of climate change and repeated pandemics has become normalised. Set in rural Dumfries in 2035, we have used the structure and sensibility of Three Sisters as a foil to guide our audience into this imagined future. Chekhov described the loves and pains of a family slowly disintegrating, and we use this vehicle to describe the desires and fears in an ‘oddkin household’ coming apart after almost 15 years of floods, storms and lockdowns, an intentional community at the end of ‘the Project’ that they launched in response to climate crisis and Covid-19 in 2020.